About us

Dear Customers,

STEULER-KCH Poland (formerly KCT Ltd. or SGL ACOTEC Ltd.) has been providing professional industrial surface protection and chemical-resistant coatings for steel and concrete structures for almost 30 years.  We effectively protect surfaces against acids, alkalis and other highly corrosive agents.

With many years of experience in international projects, the STEULER-KCH Poland brand ranks among the top contractors for large-scale projects worldwide. We carry out ambitious surface protection projects for facilities with areas of several to several thousand square metres. You will find us primarily at the sites of the largest CHP, power and chemical plants around the world.

With the acquisition of Keramchemie by the German company STEULER-KCH, we have gained not only a reliable and professional partner, but also access to the current state-of-art and advanced technology. We can offer you not only the best quality chemical-resistant materials, but also masterly performance of the works entrusted to us, and a guarantee on them for years to come.

Our area of operations involves materials as well as refractory and plastic products. We supply turn-key flue and process gas treatment systems, and process lines, as well as specialist surface protection and finishing of concrete swimming pools.

We take an individual approach to each of your projects. We develop protection  solutions for non-standard industrial processes that are consistently characterised by the highest levels of quality, reliability and profitability.

For details of our offer and testimonials, you are invited to visit our other website tabs. I also encourage you to contact us directly, we are here to serve you better. Best regards