Keraverin and Kerapolin


Keraverin is a two-layer plastic. The inner layer is selected according to the chemical-thermal stresses from a vast range of state-of-the-art thermoplastic materials available on the market (PE, PP, PVC, PVDF, E-CTFE, FEP, PFA, MFA, PTFEm). The outer layer is made of duroplast reinforced with glass or carbon fibres soaked in resin (vinylester, phenolic).



Duroplast based on glass or carbon fibre soaked in resin (vinylester, phenolic) with an inner layer of min. 2.5 mm, chemically resistant/anti-abrasive, filled with glass filler up to 30%.


Application of the Keraverin and Kerpolin materials:


– diameters up to 5.5 m

– lengths up to 15 m

– pressure up to 16 bar

– temperature up to 2600C


– chemical resistance – ‘the highest possible’

Example applications:

Chemical industry

– rock salt electrolysis

– titanium dioxide production

– TDI production

– acid concentration systems

– production of fertilisers

– production of high-purity chemicals

Metallurgical industry

– acid quenching and regeneration systems

Treatment of metal ores


flue gas desulphurisation, flue gas cleaning in waste incineration plants and combustion of process gases

artificial silk production systems

pulp and paper industry

Examples of products:

polypropylene nozzle spray systems and chemical resistant linings in flue gas desulphurisation systems

wet electrostatic filters and filter housings

fibreglass storage and process pipelines and tanks with internal thermoplastic lining

tanks for pickling systems

mechanically anchored thermoplastic linings

structures for individual applications made of duro- and thermoplastics

Having highly experienced design and construction staff on board, STEULER-KCH is able to accept and fulfil any order, involving all the phases required, such as the development of concept and design, the selection of materials and performance, and finally, product configuration, assembly, commissioning and final acceptance.



Keraverin and Kerapolin

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