Self-supporting ceramic grates

STEULER-KCH is a pioneer of innovative solutions for industry. Since its establishment the company’s operations have been inextricably linked with ceramic products. It was the first company to develop and manufacture self-supporting ceramic grates. The convex dome-shaped grate, assembled from ceramic ‘ribbed’ elements, is supported only on the inner masonry of the cylindrical tank walls. Its exceptional resistance to the load of a filling material allows the use of additional supports to be avoided. The STEULER-KCH self-supporting grate design is characterised by an extremely favourable permeability-to-load ratio. As the tank shell design comprising self-supporting grates, should meet certain minimum requirements for ovality tolerance and strength, STEULER-KCH is ready to give advice and assistance at every stage of chemical apparatus design. Grates with a wide range of diameters are available in production.


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