Wet electrostatic precipitators

The basic structural elements of a wet electrostatic precipitator consist of segmented tubular packages which are fitted to the size of the gas channels. The tubes are made of plastic and coated on the inside with a conductive material (which is one of the electrodes). A wire runs through the centre of each tube, which is the second electrode. The electrostatic field generated during operation causes impurities to be deposited on the inner surface of the tubes. These contaminants are periodically removed by flushing with water.


Wet electrostatic precipitators are used wherever extremely fine separation of aerosol and particle mixtures from the flue or process gases is required. Wet precipitators are used today especially for separating acid mists, aerosols, fine dusts, resin vapours, paints or oils, due to their favourable efficiency/cost ratio.


The main areas of industrial application are non-ferrous metal smelters, power plants, waste incineration plants and chemical plants. STEULER products have the advantage of their modular (block-like) design, the use of polypropylene pipes with their special properties and a special earthing system to guarantee the highest safety standards.


Large diameter pipe packages


Due to the increased interest in electrostatic precipitators made from larger diameter tubes included in STEULER’s offer, our previous designs based on tubes made from lead-coated or stainless steel, have been replaced by plastic tube packages.