Flue gas cleaning systems

The treatment of flue gases emitted by, inter alia, power plants, municipal, industrial or hazardous waste incineration plants, places high demands upon plant suppliers. Harmful substances such as SOx, HCI, HF, NOx, dust, heavy metals, organic substances such as dioxins, furans and hydrocarbons, are contained in flue gases in the most diverse combinations and concentrations.


Growing demands on the quality of the gases emitted into the environment require the content of harmful substances to be reduced to emission limits before they are discharged into the atmosphere. Through continuous development and advanced research, STEULER-KCH offers complete exhaust gas cleaning systems adjusted to the most diverse applications.


STEULER Anlagenbau supplies cutting-edge flue gas cleaning plants that are highly efficient in operation and financially beneficial for both investment and operation. Our plants are characterised by the highest reliability and simplicity of operation and maintenance.


A selection of typical areas of application for Steuler flue gas cleaning systems: (modernisation of existing plants and equipping of new ones, process optimisation)


power generation plants fired by coal, oil or other fuels – power plants with furnaces for burning coal, heavy oil or waste co-firing


incineration plants for the disposal or thermal utilisation of industrial residues and waste – special waste incineration plants, ash post-combustion plants or sludge incineration plants


thermal process systems – e.g. recycling, land decontamination, ammunition destruction, calcination, cement kilns, zinc smelters, roasting or sintering systems.


chemical and petrochemical process systems – e.g. raw materials, cosmetic and pharmaceutical production plants.


Selection of typical flue gas cleaning technologies


wet desulphurisation using the lime-gypsum method, for medium to high flue gas flows heavily laden with sulphur oxides, often performed in the form of concrete absorbers protected with the BEKAPLAST™ system (polypropylene)


wet desulphurisation using the chemical-physical absorption method (generally soda lye) – for small to medium flue gas flows


dry sorption of hydrofluorocarbons using STEULER lime modules – for simple and not causing a large drop in pressure treatment of hydrofluorocarbon-containing flue gases


catalytic systems for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides (SCR-/DeNOx), catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAC, PCDD, PCDF), volatile organic hydroperoxides (VOC) or other harmful compounds


dry gas cleaning systems using powder absorbents such as calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate or activated carbon; this is also used for the separation of heavy metal compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or volatile organic hydroperoxides thermal treatment systems – furnaces, post-combustion chambers, TNVs, etc.