Anchor systems for walls and ceilings

STEULER-KCH designs and manufactures anchors for suspended ceilings, ceiling sections and walls used in the fixing of monolithic components. Anchors are primarily used to properly secure individual components of heat-resistant systems with special reference to their specific dimensions and load. They also form part of the refractory protection and connect them to the steel structures. The individual anchored components can be replaced, if necessary, without compromising the lining integrity. STEULER-KCH anchors can be used wherever metal fixings are not suitable due to excessive temperatures or chemical loads associated with the combustion atmosphere.


Ceramic fixing bricks are anchored to the steel structure with clamps, hangers or threaded brackets to suit the specific product and application. The type and geometry of anchors depend on a number of factors:

  •     application and working temperature
  •     the quality of the monolithic materials
  •     wear profile
  •     the atmosphere in the furnace chamber
  •     thermodynamic calculations

Expansion joint and FE fastening systems from STEULER-KCH


Almost all refractory brick linings require expansion joints to compensate for loads during heating and cooling processes. STEULER-KCH develops and manufactures expansion joint systems and FE fastenings of varying dimensions and properties.