Heat-resistant solutions for the cement, paper and pulp industries

STEULER-KCH is a world leader in refractory materials with a reputation as one of the most innovative suppliers in the industry. In cooperation with Andritz Pulp and Paper, we offer complete refractory systems for rotary lime kilns created primarily for pulp and paper plants.


Our priorities are to improve the service life of the refractory protection and to minimise kiln downtime. To this end, STEULER-KCH has developed an extensive range of refractory materials for rotary kilns, including bricks made from high alumina clay or diatomaceous earth, as well as lightweight chamotte bricks, concretes, anchors and other accessories.


The exceptionally wide range of high andalusite-based alumina bricks allows for perfect adjustment of the materials in the kiln’s extreme load zones to the individual needs of our customers. We lay down the insulation layer with very lightweight chamotte bricks, refined design of which responds perfectly to temperature fluctuations and high mechanical loads. This also applies to insulation in large-diameter kilns.


Our team of specialists engaged in the development of innovative solutions and laboratory tests have facilities that give customers access to exceptional services, such as brick testing using the supplied lime slurry or brick defect testing. Designs in accordance with established guidelines are the result of engineers’ work with the use of the latest CAD technology.


Such projects usually include construction drawings, installation instructions, heat transfer calculations and heating instructions. We supervise and independently carry out applications of refractory systems worldwide. Our customers can therefore choose between complete assembly or inspection over the process.


In the case of replacing a furnace or cooling tower coating, STEULER-KCH can install and, if necessary, also dry the refractory lining even before it is placed in its final assembly point, so that the downtime of the plant is kept to a minimum. STEULER-KCH also provides all the required installation and maintenance tools, such as rigging, saws and mixers.


Our customers can always count on the support provided by our engineers, researchers and coordinators who supervise the installation and respond to calls at short notice.


Entrusting the care of your refractory systems to STEULER-KCH is a secure investment in top-quality refractory protection.