Solutions for non-ferrous metallurgy

STEULER-KCH’s heat-resistant materials division designs, manufactures and supplies customers with coating materials tailored to the requirements of the non-ferrous industry.


These materials are resistant not only to thermal stresses, but also to mechanical and chemical impacts. Used in roasting and melting furnaces, just as in preheating or foundry furnaces, refractory linings are produced directly in the company’s plants. They show high resistance under particularly harsh chemical conditions, so that STEULER-KCH refractory materials and solutions find numerous applications. Our company also has high-level technology to produce large segments with stable parameters for lining shaft furnaces.


Long service life in shaft furnaces for copper processing


In smelters extracting recycled copper, long service life of casting and shaft furnaces is ensured by ceramic-bonded SiC materials. Chromium-corundum bricks also perform well under such conditions.


Additional assets in the aluminium industry


For the furnaces used for melting and heating aluminium, special phosphate-bonded bauxite varieties have been developed at STEULER-KCH for use in the upper bath sections. In these sections, as well as in the burners, high-quality chamotte and andalusite grades are successfully used. STEULER-KCH offers customised designs in this area, combining brick lining with monolithic coating.