Refractory solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries

STEULER-KCH offers a wide range of products with refractory properties.


Claus reactors


Claus reactors are used for the industrial recovery of sulphur from the sulphur compounds contained in the flue gases accompanying the conversion of coal into coke. Claus reactors are also used in the desulphurisation of crude oil in refineries.


Specially developed refractory ceramic materials are used to protect the Claus furnace, which must perform well under different conditions depending on how the furnace is installed. Low-iron chamotte and andalusite are used in this type of construction. Various grades of alumina bricks also perform well under extreme loads.


POX-type reactor


Process plants used in the petrochemical industry, such as primary and secondary reformers, cracking furnaces or POX-type reactors, are exposed to numerous stresses and therefore, require a variety of refractory materials.


These materials include complete fibre linings, bonded shaped coatings and high-quality specialist products made from synthetic alumina with an Al2O3 content of more than 99%. Combined with equally high-quality hollow corundum ball insulating materials and advanced engineering solutions, STEULER-KCH implements comprehensive projects entirely from a single source.


Carbon black reactors


Carbon black production in process reactors is accompanied by temperatures of up to 2000°C, which can only be achieved by using ceramics with special strength. This is not the only difficulty associated with this process. Other conditions, such as changes in temperature and atmosphere or extreme flows combined with pressure differences, are also very stressful for heat-resistant materials. This process, therefore, uses alumina- and mullite-based materials that have been specially developed for this type of loads.